About Us

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Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art renowned for fast movements and flashy kicks!

Tae Kwon Do is suitable for all, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or previous experience.
Students gain confidences, fitness, and flexibility as well as making friends and, most importantly, having fun



SCTKD is run by husband and wife team, Alex & Emma Collett who met through Tae Kwon Do at university.
Both represent the GTUK England Squad at international level and Mrs Collett is the ladies team captain.​

SCTKD students have trained with the GTUK England Squad, completed Seminars with Tae Kwon Do Masters, competed in Tae Kwon Do tournaments (at regional, national and international level)

 and shown off the skills they have acquired in demonstrations and school assemblies.


SCTKD is a friendly and active community club, we take part in the Sutton Coldfield Community Games ​every year teaching basic techniques to hundreds of children every year.

We also make an impact at the ROYAL SUTTON COLDFIELD SPORTS AWARDS - being shortlisted a total of nine times in the last three years, with Mrs Collett being named the Female sports person of the year for 2015 and Mr Collett being named the Male Sports person of the year for 2017.​



SCTKD is part of the GTUK, headed by Grand Master Oldham (9th Degree Black Belt).
The GTUK offer several tournaments each year, where SCTKD members are able to compete, as well as providing a network of clubs enabling our students to train at locations across the country.